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You need to increase your Adventure Rank in order to unlock new features and receive rewards. This can be done by acquiring Adventure EXP that pushes your rank when you complete quests. So make sure that apart from exploring, you get back to Archon, Story, Commission, and World quests that have been assigned to you.


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If you get stuck at some level or monster, you can turn to the co-op mode in the game (unlocked once you reach Adventure Rank 16). With Co-Op mode, you can invite other players to your map, or visit them in their worlds. You’ll find co-op mode very helpful in dealing with certain bosses, and having a higher-level player helping you out can allow you to kill some nasty bosses in under 30 seconds! But as is the general rule on the internet, be nice to everyone in Co-Op and people will be nice to you.

The game doesn't really point you to these while you play, but there are hundreds of little challenges tucked away in the game's Achievements menu. Each one has some resources attached, so while there's no need to go hunting them out, you should look for the little '!' symbol by the menu, which lets you know you have some to claim.

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AR 16: Co-op and Domains of Forgery. Co-op lets you play with others, while domains of forgery are challenges that earn you materials for ascending weapons.

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Farm and develop great free gear

Talking to every character in the game is a good general tip for any role-playing game, and it applies to “Genshin Impact.” At a certain point in the game, you’ll be asked to do a quest in the cathedral of Monstadt, the starting region. Go there and find a nun named Victoria.

Check your elemental resonances for your team

What players should know is that the main stat can change between two different versions of the same item, and the 4 sub-stats are randomized for every 4 artifact levels. So, if an Artifact doesn't have the stat a player would like, simply look for more of that same Artifact and level it up again. It's small, but things like this are what eventually lead to building a super overpowered team.

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Headshots aren't just for first-person shooters. It's usually worth your while to start off combat with a ranged character (like Amber, your archer friend) since they can land a few precision strikes to capitalize on the distance between them and their enemies. Also consider climbing - yes, it's that important - to get a better shot before you engage. The game also likes to kindly leave explosive barrels near some enemy camps, which can just give you the edge before the enemy even realizes the battle has started.

Mihoyo introduced a reputation system that lets you undertake additional quests in each region to earn bonus rewards and recipes. The rewards for undertaking these reputation quests make them worthwhile. You can unlock gadgets that reveal treasure chests in a given region, or show the location of the hidden Oculus relics that award you with stamina enhancements and key resources. Unique regional recipe cards can be acquired through reputation quests, as well. Finally, each region awards a unique cosmetic wing-glider you can use to customize your characters, which is a nice touch. Be sure to tackle these reputation quests every week to unlock these rewards.

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Switch Constantly Between Elements And Characters

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Mtashed: He’s a well-known creator who’s covered many games in the past, but he’s recently picked up “Genshin Impact” and has been quickly putting out guides. He offers a good perspective on what it’s like to just enter the game, which is what much of us here in the West are experiencing. He just posted a great video for starting players on the best team to use if you’re determined not to engage in the gambling system, which is going to be useful for a majority of the game’s players. And unlike other popular creators, he gets to the meat of his content fairly fast too.

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Exploring can be a tricky process in Genshin Impact, especially when restrained behind a quickly-consumed stamina reserve. Climbing mountains can often lead to falling, swimming to drowning, the list goes on.

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Check the Elemental Resonance chart present at Paimon Menu (top left corner) > Party Setup > Elemental Resonance.

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Abyss Spiral Basically Requires Two Well-Leveled Teams

Certainly don't be fooled by that cute cartoon style. There's a massively deep and intertwined networks of systems, rewards and mechanics that aren't always explained. Plus things that can be easily missed with all there is to take in. For a first time player there's a lot to process, so these Genshin Impact tips will make everything a little more welcoming.

Only thing is, it isn't marked on the map whenever a Shrine or Oculi is found, and that becomes a huge problem later when players have to backtrack in hopes of finding the one they missed out of 200+. So, seriously, Mark Shrines and Oculi as you find them with the Map Pin system.

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Conserve Fragile Resin Until the Late Game

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Resin is a mechanic in Genshin Impact similar to energy in other games. It recharges after a few hours and is used for various activities. The current Resin amount can be seen on the top right when checking the map.

So don’t. Don’t blow your Primogems on Banners as soon as they arrive. Give yourself some time, read community thoughts, and make informed decisions about whether you want to spend your hard-earned Primogems on a flashy new character, or hold out for one you like more later down the line.

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But, there are some that are insanely useful for the open-world exploration sections of the game such as Amber, Venti, Ningguang, Qiqi, Klee, Kaeya, and Beidou. The things these passives do can range from marking Ore on the mini-map (which helps with farming things like White Iron) to reducing the stamina cost of running, gliding, or swimming.

Adventure Rank (AR) is your account progress level which can be increased by gathering Adventure EXP. This can be done by going through the Archon Quests, Story Quests, and World Quests. Note that Adventure Rank is not the same as Character Experience or Levels, as each of them affects a different mechanic of the game. Every time you finish a quest and increase your Adventure Rank, you also get some rewards. Make sure that you return to the Adventurer’s Stand every time you level up. By doing so, you can get resource rewards like Acquaint Fates at Level 5 and Level 10, and so on. Certain quests will only be available after you reach a certain level. Additionally, you can earn Adventure EXP by taking the Daily Commission tasks. These unlock at Level 12 with four different missions that offer you EXP along with some resources. You also get a bonus on top of that, if you finish all four.

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Mark Shrines And Oculi As They're Found

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Cooking isn't just for fun

After nine wishes without a four star, the tenth wish is guaranteed to be four star.

You'll earn plenty of XP just by burning, zapping and wind-blading monsters as you explore, and you can also find items like Wanderer's Notes to boost your character rank. Adventure Points, meanwhile, are easy to rack up as long as you exhibit slightly more curiosity than a dead hedgehog. You'll get them from unlocking teleport points, opening chests, and making offerings to the Statue of the Sevens that are dotted around the world. Exploring this way - checking out every chest that appears on the map - will mean you won't hit a bottleneck as you're crashing through the main story.

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