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Part 3: Join the Clan

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BMing means spamming emotes and laughing at your opponent. (Short for Bad Manners.) If you laugh at someone in real life, you’re a mean person. The same is true in Clash Royale.

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Test New Decks In Training Battles

If you spam emotes, then you can’t concentrate on your playing. So you’ll be worse. And even if you win, you may be a better player, but you’re a worse person.

If you want to score more, always go for the hard targets. In this case, your hard target will be the massive towers rather than the small and easy to destroy ones. For you to go through these targets, you will have to arm yourself with a good army which must include the river-leaping Hog Rider or the Giant. With this in hand, you will be in a position to effectively take out the huge towers.

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Part 8: Go After Huge Towers

There’s no advantage to activating him, only disadvantages. On top of that, you’d need 20 Fireballs to destroy the king completely, so there’s no point in doing that.

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Part 4: Always Watch Your Watch

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Clash Royale is a tower rush multiplayer video game. Two or four players (1v1 or 2v2) have the objective to destroy opposing towers. At the end of three minutes, one who destroys first wins!

Another way to make a quick attack successful is during battle. I wouldn't recommend attacking a different tower if one already has damage, but a surprise charge from the other side can catch your opponents off guard. It's a quick way to win. Experiment with the Serf Horde.

Once you feel confident and tune your deck, fight real opponents. The trainers aren't very smart either, so you'd better try fights against the battle clan members too. Making challenges to practice new decks and strategies can also be a good alternative. Yes, it costs gems, but it's better to learn there than to lose trophies in multiplayer.

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Paulo Fabris

Wait for full elixir. Play units in the back, prepare your attack.

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Eat. Sleep. Clash. Repeat. Till you master the game!

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Pick a deck that suits your style or where you want to get better at

A game that combines collectable cards and tower defense is certainly a challenge for any strategist. Check out these Clash Royale tips to win and walk away with the triple crown

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Similar defense of a ground unit with the Ice golem. This gave you +2 elixir advantage.

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Part 3: Join the Clan

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While playing Rocket against Barbarian hunt, wait until the first barbarian reaches the midpoint of the bridge and then release the rocket. It’ll help you in destroying newly spawned barbaric.

By waiting on opponent's Mega Knight, you gave him 5 elixir for free. (You have 10, the opponent 8, but he also has Mega Knight for 7, that's 15 in total.)

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use your skeletons to attack

use spells often

Win Every Fight With These Clash Royale Tips

If you wait on 10 elixir while your opponent plays, you're giving him the advantage. Then he'll defeat you more easily.

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Using Graveyard with a tank can be fatal, even when the opponent used Zap to counter the accumulated skeletons. Tower down.

It sounds easy, but to win easily you’ll need to master the game. Here we’ve got some of the best Clash Royale strategies for you…

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