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Take shelter and lash out at your opponents.

You don't want to perish in Bounty. So, in Bounty, the greatest brawlers to utilize are typically the brawlers with the best range, such as BrockBrock, Penny Penny, Piper Piper, and Shelly Bo.


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Most brawlers can perform three attacks in a row before having to reload their attack bars one at a time. Passing or shooting the ball requires you to utilize one of your attack bars in addition to your usual attack. If you can compel an opposing brawler to carry the ball, they will have to pass the ball away before they can attack you, resulting in a loss of one of their assaults. This approach works well in the midfield but is hazardous on your side of the map.

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Get away!

It should be obvious by now that auto-aiming is intended for beginners. Using auto-aim is like to being blind; you're shooting at nothing. Nobody is to blame since when we see enemy brawlers approaching, we sometimes panic and just click auto-aim, hoping for the best.

This post will provide you with helpful hints and tactics to help you become a pro gamer. These suggestions are based on our own personal experience as well as player feedback. If you follow these tips and methods, you will undoubtedly become a pro player of Brawl Stars. So carefully read and follow these guidelines.

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It's easy to become engrossed in your own small combat with another brawler, allowing your colleagues to perish while gathering gems.

3. Sprout can be used in life-saving situations.


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To become the top player, you must improve your aim. Always have a flawless aim on your opponent. In this manner, with precise aim, you may inflict significant damage on your opponent. It aids you in winning the game and rising through the ranks. As a result, the top player in Brawl Stars must have excellent aim. You should play Brawl Ball to improve your aim.

You want to focus not simply on collecting your Super first, but also on winning control.

Pam, for example, is a diamond carrier; consequently, it is best to avoid her as much as possible.

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9. Distributing Resources Equitably

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To win Gem Grab, you need 10 gems plus a 15-second countdown with those 10 stones.

Typical Brawlers

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My favorite Brawl Ball tip is to not hurry at the start. Concentrate on remaining alive while dominating the map's core.

Aim ahead of your opponents and follow their movements with your shots, especially your Supers, to avoid wasting them. You may also press on the screen if you like, but not if you wish to use the next advice...

Although it may appear cowardly, understanding when to withdraw can often be the difference between winning and losing.

Brawl Stars Bounty Tips

Perfectly Aim

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Tips for playing brawl stars with buddies

Brawlers in Brawl Stars are classified as Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, or Legendary.

Control and retaining control are more important in Gem Grab. Bounty, on the other hand, is more concerned about survival.

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First, I'd want to make a very wonderful announcement. I'll be doing YouTube full-time again from now on. I've renamed my channel Ash – Brawl Stars because the majority of my work will now be about Brawl Stars. Does this imply that I've given up on Clash Royale? No, I'll still attempt to do Clash Royale videos now and again, but my major emphasis will be Brawl Stars.

Similarly, if you've managed to collect a large amount of Gems in Gem Grab or Stars in Bounty, you don't want to die! When the countdown to the game's finish begins, it's completely legal to flee and let the timer tick down to victory.

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So that's it for the Brawl Stars Brawl mode tips, techniques, and strategies.

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Check out the official patch notes to learn about all of the changes in the most recent release.

When playing Brawl Stars, it is essential that you travel across the map at all times. Do not confine yourself to a single location. Always make a move after striking your opponent. When you're moving, it's more difficult for your opponent to shoot at you. Instead, if you remain still, your opponent may simply hit and kill you.

Trophies: These are used to advance Brawlers and unlock rewards on Trophy Road.

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This article discusses

For example, if you are using a Spike with 80 trophies and your colleagues are using much higher trophy brawlers, the matching will look mostly at the highest teammate and not you, forcing you to play against strong opponents the majority of the time.

Not only that, but you don't even need max brawlers to be the greatest if you have the skills.

Robo Rumble is a horde mode in which you must survive against waves of robots as part of a squad of three. Boss Fight is another three-player option, but this time you'll be battling against a gigantic robot with a big health bar (hint for this mode: don't fight the boss if your friends are dead; instead, wait for them to revive!). Finally, Big Game is a 5v1 option in which the player on the opposing team's size and damage are permanently increased.

You must join a club where your rank is between 40 and 60.

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Brawl Stars Cheats

When you have 10 Gems and just seconds to go, hiding is a viable approach.

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El Primo is a must-have.

What is the significance of this? Isn't it preferable to level up my favorite brawler first so I can rank higher in Brawl Stars faster? The answer is both yes and no.

Understanding the game types is important, but if you don't know how to maximize your selected Brawler's powers and Super attacks, you might as well start waving the white flag of surrender before the round even begins.

Sixth. Aiming Your Shots

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