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5. 'Aid' Crewmates (but not really)

Among Us is in charge of the emergency meeting.

Similarly, because of Polus' vast size, crewmates may find it worthwhile to remain with someone they can trust. A crewmate who stays with a friend may discourage the imposter from going out of their way to kill them. However, there is always the possibility that a crewmate would place their trust in the incorrect individual.

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Understand where duties take happen. This is the most crucial aspect of being a convincing "crewmate" as the Imposter! Pretend to complete activities (while allowing others to observe you) by standing by and waiting. The game even provides you with bogus ones so you don't repeat anybody else's chores.

This is in contrast to The Skeld, where doors will automatically open after a brief length of time. When an imposter murders someone in a room with a door, this is the greatest time to utilize it. They seal it and vent, keeping players outdoors until the doors are manually opened.

The Rewind Tapes task in Security might be difficult to secure. Hold down the fast forward or backward buttons (the double arrows on the far right or far left sides of the tape deck) until you're close to the desired number (represented by a sticky note in the center of the tape). After you've closed it, press the relevant direction to gradually tick down/up until you obtain it.

Vents, according to Border Polar, are one of the most beneficial aspects in the Among Us game. Every player should understand how to use them effectively. After a quick slaughter, an impostor can easily flee by using vents. However, they must ensure that no other player recognizes them while venting.

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Polus, like the other maps in Among Us, provides the crewmates with the resources they need to solve the crimes taking place around the base. Vitals, accessible in the Office area, allow players to check whether any other players have died without having to find a dead body.

Polus in Among Us has a security camera.

This feature on the Mira HQ map maintains track of every player who passes by a sensor. On the map, there are three sensors. This record can assist you in determining who was where at the time of a murder and who was lying. It's worth noting that the Door Log only displays the last 20 events. This can be useful for spotting imposters who may activate two sensors at different ends of the map.

Map of MIRA Headquarters (Image credit: Innersloth)

When you destroy the O2 in The Skeld, for example, you know your crewmates would hurry there. However, others will disregard the alert and continue working on their jobs on the other side, knowing that other crew members would address it. You can stand back from the sabotage in the hope that someone unprotected will pass by.

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Check the rooms you pass through for dead bodies as you race towards your mission. If everyone in the Crew is entirely engaged on their job, it may take some time before a body is discovered. You not only give the Imposter plenty of time to murder again, but all proof will be gone.

Polus is Among Us, according to MedBay.

Unlike the other two levels, Polus is placed largely outside on "Planet Polus," which is theoretically larger than Mira HQ but far more basic in comparison to Mira's strange construction. Polus also provides several options for both crewmates and impostors to win.

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Tips for Imposters Among Us: How to Deceive Your Friends

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When in doubt, abstain from voting.

It might be difficult to gain the trust of others, but you can try to frame an innocent Crewmate by reporting the body of a player you've slain. This technique is undoubtedly dangerous, and it has the potential to backfire if other Crewmates are already skeptical. Hide in plain sight can work remarkably effectively if you've played carefully up to this point and have managed to convince others to clear you in prior encounters. Similarly, if you know the crew suspects an innocent player, reporting the corpse while they're conveniently close by lets you create a compelling case against them and removes you from the ejecting queue.

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Staying in simply one or two rooms with few responsibilities

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Impostor Suggestions and Techniques


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Surveillance Camera Spy

Tips for Imposters Among Us

MedBay Is A Crucial Task To Have

3. Act as though you're a Crewmate.

Most chores aren't visual, in the sense that others can't tell if you're performing them, but a handful are. For example, scanning in the MedBay. If someone sees you, they will know you are not an impostor.

Don't squander your visual tasks.

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Going to terminals and pausing for a few seconds to appear to be working on your responsibilities also helps. Others will be observing, and excellent Crewmates will point out those who aren't doing chores in meetings. After a few hours of play, you'll see strategies to construct a plausible defense while grabbing favorable times to blame others.

Trick 2: Choose your victims wisely.

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Caution is advised when venting.

Imposter on Polus impersonating a Water Wheel in Among Us

Hidden CCTV Cameras Among Us

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To win the game as an imposter, follow these guidelines:

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